Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Letter

            Our Constitution provided for two political power points; Hamilton's Central Government and Jefferson's Sovereign States. Ratification of the 17th Amendment in 1913, allowed the national political parties to directly affect the outcome of state Senatorial elections.  The result was a centralizing of all political power in Washington. Senators thereafter owed homage not to the citizens of their state but to their national party. This was not the prescribed Constitutional relationship within the Congress.

            The Obama Administration has pushed the envelope so far in the direction of a dictatorship that the underlying elite ruling intellectual, financial and political oligarchy in the central government created by both political parties for their personal benefit has been exposed. One need look no further than the comparatively excessive salary and benefits obtained by the oligarchy's public service unions paid for by the taxpayer without taxpayer representation.

            The Republican Party and, Mr. Romney in particular, must make a decision. The Republican Party has lost its political base in the central government to the Democratic Party. Is the Republican Party ready to submit to the embrace of the Tea Party and advocate for the intended political stature of the Sovereign States?

            Likewise, the Tea Parties of all stripes must understand that to affect the change to a smaller central government, they must, in each state, restore the political posture of the sovereign states within the Congress. If they fail to remove from the control of the central government the collection of necessary tax monies and restore the constitutionally designated role of the Senate to represent the sovereign states, their efforts will be in vain.


Bob Dewey


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