Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Letter


            In a reflection occasioned by the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare, it is necessary to acknowledge that we are a caring but irresponsible people. We have compassion for those less fortunate but, allow those seeking power to use our compassion to accomplish their ruling political goals by our failing in our responsibilities as citizens.

            Obamacare is an instrument of the ruling Oligarchy. We have championed both political parties to lead us to this tragic moment.  We must now hold ourselves responsible in order to restore the basic concepts of the nation. But, if you wish us to remain seated beside Winston and Julia before the telescreen, you need do nothing.

            What were the findings of the court?

1.      The Central Government cannot use the Commerce clause to mandate citizen behavior. The vote was (9 – 0)


2.       The Central Government cannot coerce the Sovereign States into acceptance of a Central Government proposal. (7 – 2)


3.      The Congress on behalf of the citizens of the nation, voted for this legislation, and it therefore represents the will of the people.


The Founders crafted the Legislative Branch of the Central Government, the Congress, in two parts. The House to debate proposed legislation between liberal and conservative interpretations of the Constitution. The Senate's underlying purpose was to insure that the Central Government did not exceed its enumerated powers. We have over time allowed the Oligarchy to usurp the power and the will of the people. The Chief Justice placed the responsibility for the acts of the Congress where it belongs; squarely at the feet of the American people.

When only half of the electorate is responsible enough to vote, the Oligarchy wins.


Bob Dewey


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