Friday, June 1, 2012

What if Yorktown schools were open to the Gospel?

Steve Elliott, Grassfire

This message may not be for every Grassfire team member. But I feel compelled to share with you what I just heard.  --Steve
Robert Bruce,
I recently spoke with Dr. Bob Boyd -- founder of an organization called New Fire For Christ. I have known the Boyd family for several years, but only recently did I learn about what Dr. Boyd is doing -- and I felt I needed to share this with Grassfire friends.

A few weeks ago, Dr. Boyd left for a two-month stay in Africa where his team of 25 will have the opportunity to personally reach as many as 40,000 students with the Christian message.

But more than a sermon -- Dr. Boyd's team has been invited to go directly into schools across Kenya and bring the transforming message of the Gospel to these students. And Dr. Boyd tells me, the discipleship is on-going -- actually year-round because his team trains workers on the ground who teach these students every week of school.

+ + What if Yorktown schools opened their doors to the Gospel?

Imagine just for a moment what our nation would be like if our public schools, instead of being hostile to the Christian faith, literally opened their doors to organizations like New Fire For Christ? 
Of course that’s a pipe dream here in America, but in Kenya, Dr. Boyd says a mighty spiritual explosion is literally transforming the country. School officials are throwing open the doors and inviting evangelists to minister to their students. In fact, it’s a requirement that students attend!
New Fire for Christ is a dynamic, life-changing ministry that operates both overseas and here in the United States. Dr. Boyd has personally spoken to hundreds of thousands of students on U.S. college campuses and in his festivals and discipleship training overseas.
+ + Just $20 today can help disciple a student

New fireRight now, Dr. Boyd and New Fire need some help in order to fully take advantage of these open doors in Kenya.

Remarkably, it costs about $20 PER STUDENT PER YEAR to disciple a student through his program. I know that sounds hard to even imagine, but it's true. I would be thrilled if Grassfire team members would step up and sponsor 1,000 or 2,000 of these students over the next year.

Go here to donate.
I know this is far different from the message you usually receive from Grassfire. But this is such a unique opportunity and I personally know the Boyd family and have full assurance that your support will help reach thousands of students this summer (they have school all summer long).

Will you help by making a generous gift today? Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.
Steve Elliott
Grassfire Nation

P.S. As I noted, Dr. Boyd and his team are now in Kenya and will be reaching as many as 40,000 students over the next two months. I have decided to sponsor 10 students. Please help as you can:

Go here to sponsor a student for $20 for a year.

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