Thursday, June 7, 2012

Paul Revere Alert-Action update

 Washington group calls County Commission's invocations too Christian



There is supposed to be a separation of church and state in America.


But one group thinks the distance between the two in Marion County isn't far enough.


Last week, the County Commission received a letter from Americans United for the Separation of Church and State notifying the board that its opening invocation for regular meetings violated the First Amendment.


Acting on a complaint from an unidentified source, the Washington, D.C.-based group said it had reviewed video from eight regular commission sessions since the beginning of the year and on five occasions the name of Jesus Christ was specifically mentioned during the opening prayer.


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We need everybody to send this to their elected officials and demand they initiate investigation against them for pushing un-American activities.



10 Signs That The Highways Of America Are Being Transformed Into A High Tech Prison Grid


Once upon a time, the open highways of America were one of our greatest symbols of liberty and freedom. Anyone could hop in a car and set off for a new adventure at any time and even our music encouraged us to "get our kicks on route 66". But today everything has changed. Now the highways of America are being steadily transformed into a high tech prison grid.


All over the country, thousands upon thousands of surveillance cameras watch our highways, and automated license plate readers are actually being used to track vehicle movements in some of our largest cities. Many state and local governments have come to view our highways as money machines, and our control freak politicians have established a vast network of toll booths, red light cameras and speed traps to keep cash endlessly pouring in.

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Where Is The Outrage?


 For the past few weeks, I have been writing in this column about the government's use of drones and challenging their constitutionality on Fox News Channel where I work. I once asked on air what Thomas Jefferson would have done if -- had drones existed at the time -- King George III had sent drones to peer inside the bedroom windows of Monticello. I suspect that Jefferson and his household would have trained their muskets on the drones and taken them down. I offer this historical anachronism as a hypothetical only, not as one who is urging the use of violence against the government


Nevertheless, what Jeffersonians are among us today? When drones take pictures of us on our private property and in our homes, and the government uses the photos as it wishes, what will we do about it?

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Poland Bans Monsanto's poisonous crops


Following protests from bee advocates, Poland has banned the use of an insecticide-producing Monsanto seed.

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Animal Rights Legislation Would Make Eggs a Luxury Food


One day soon, America could wake up to a dozen eggs costing $8 or more. And unless you are involved in some aspect of farming or agriculture, you would never know that egg prices are about to skyrocket or the reason why. With food prices already increasing due to high grain and fuel costs, extraneous so-called animal welfare regulations are being imposed on U.S. food producers,

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 contact your U.S. representative  and Senator  and urge them to vote NO on this rotten egg bill, S. 3239, and its identical counterpart in the House, H.R. 3798.




Hurricane Season

It's time to be prepared

Visit our website, we have many resources for you to use.

Everything from communications (cb radios) to water filtration.



NEVER STOP TALKING.  Marxists want you to SHUT YOU UP.  Hence we have the silent majority and we have learned that too well.  We are strong and 70-80% of us are are unhappy. Our job is to connect with them. They will not come to us. We must go to them.  Once we become an individual with a name and personality, it is hard for the media to call you names that stick.  Can you make it you job to talk to 5 new people a week. Can you write a letter to the editor, call your local new show.  IF EVERYONE DID THAT BY ELECTION TIME WE WOULD HAVE THE NUMBERS WE NEED.  Do not think you can reach everyone.  If you meet resistance, just say NEXT.  Click here for some great ideas look at the Presentation and Solutions page for more ideas.  Send us your ideas.





TWO MOST IMPORTANT BILLS that we MUST HAMMER OUR REPS ON ARE…HR1146 (get US out of UN) and HR958 (stop Activist Judges)


Are you fed up with activist federal judges telling our children that they can't say the Pledge of Allegiance? Do you want federal courts telling you that there is a right to pornography in schools but God must be kept out of the classroom? That's what some courts are saying, but Congress can stop them.


Do you want federal courts forcing partial-birth abortion on America as a "constitutional right" by striking down state laws duly enacted by the people to ban that gruesome procedure? Do you want federal courts declaring that homosexuals have "special rights" that you and I don't have, or forcing racial quotas and affirmative action on jobs and higher education? If not, then do something about it.


Tell Congress to pass H.R. 958!


Go to and


put in HR1146 and then hit SUPPORT / use your Gadsden postcards to send a message to your Congressmen.





This is on going. They are waiting for the right time to push it through, possibly in a lame duck session. We have to keep the pressure on.

  I have only included the parts of these Treaties that we can all relate to and understand how devastating these items would be to our freedom and our sovereignty. These are not new Treaties. They have been around for years and have been dismantled by previous Presidents. George Bush reversed Clinton's decision to participate in the Kyoto Protocol and he refused to support a gun ban. Although not perfect he did more to stop many of the destructive actions to destroy our sovereignty than most. I am again attaching the list of Treaties and I ask that you take them seriously. If you are the member of a group, a leader, a neighbor, family member we must educate people (pass the paper around to neighbors) and communicate to our Senators that we demand a NO vote on all of these Treaties. The Law of the Sea Treaty is scheduled for a vote in June. Please consider a postcard drive for the entire month of June. Send postcards to all Republican US Senators - VOTE NO ON ALL TREATIES - VOTE NO FOR LAW OF THE SEE TREATY. You can purchase 1000 Gadsden postcards for $85. Go to: under the STORE tab. Make phone calls. BUT MAKE NOISE!!


PLEASE PLEASE GET ALL OVER THIS. We need an all out blitz. As you will see from the first article this could go to the Senate in a matter of days and there will be no fanfare. They will sneak this over on us. A Treaty DOES NOT go to the House. A Treaty CAN NOT be repealed!! Please see the list attached to the article and start making calls, spread the word, send emails and send postcards!!! And send them until this Treaty is dead. Attached below is some excellent information and resources about the Law of the Sea Treaty. Ms. Hillary is EVERY bit as dangerous as Obama. I think she is more dangerous than Obama because she actually has brains. John Kerry is another one we need to get rid of. He had a big role in pushing Agenda 21 too.


And some info on Rights of the Child. If you don't like being a parent. If you don't like making decisions for the best interest of your child. If you want more of your tax dollars going over seas and supplying more to welfare and medicaid in America. If you hate homeschooling. If you do not wish to baptize your child into the religion of his or her parents THEN this Treaty is for you.


In 2009-2010 Session the Dems tried to pass legislation that would promote Agenda 21. Livability Community Act. The bills did not get passed. They were S1619/HR4690. But I found these bills were given new numbers and are currently active. The bills are: S1621 and HR 3325. I also found another bill that will do the same thing plus adding Urban Revitalization (HR709). I am attaching a blog that was written about S1619/HR4690 and an article done by Tom DeWeese on these bills. Although the numbers have changed the content and most of the co-sponsors have not. So I feel this blog and Tom's article is pertinent in understanding these bills. I have placed both bills on my TRACKER and if they move I will know. If they move we MUST flood them with calls and emails. (jammed packed with goodies)-is-a-socialist-trap/ (article about Livability Communities Act by Tom DeWeese) HR 709 HR 3325 S1621

              read more about how you will go to a re-education camp.




Arizona: Arizona Bill Would Ban UN Agenda 21 Within State


Florida:      Make your plans now to attend our UN day rally in Tally, October 20,2012. It will be on the steps of the Old Capitol Bldg, from 11-3:30pm. Bring your signs UN Out of the US, and US out of the UN.


We want Free & Fair FL Elections.


Please sign the petition to support Gov. Scott to purge the voter rolls of Non-Citizens, Felons and the dead.





Idaho:  Sold to the Communist Chinese for a Communist Chinese City?


Indiana: Illegals get more tax refunds than Americans who pay. video





Since when is selling Ice Cream a Crime? Armed ENVIRONMENTAL POLICE OFFICERS showed up at a Massachusetts park before Mother’s Day weekend. They proceeded to SHUT DOWN AN ICE CREAM STAND and STOOD GUARD because the owner, Mark Duffy, made improvements on his site without attaining the “proper” EPA permits.

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New York: County Executive Rob Astorino Terminates Westchester's Membership in ICLEI

read more:


Wisconsin:   Gov Scott Walker wins, and the Tea Party deserves the credit. Thanks to the Tea Party members that went to Wisconsin, that were the boots on the ground and made it happen.


Contributors:  Karen Schoen,  Tony Caso, Debra Caso, John Anthony, Karen Bracken, Victoria Baer, Heather Gas, Mimi Steel, John Slack, Neil Rice, Shelly Kennedy, Cindy Lucas, Diane Kepus, Steve Hunter, Bob Root

Please send us articles in your state.


JOIN US AT A CONFERENCE and LEARN about AMERICA so you can talk to your neighbors.


Ride With Paul


  Time for action,



Gadsed Flag Postacard message:





Buy Postcards




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Join a Juneteenth celebration understand LIBERTY and Freedom


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Operation Paul Revere


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July 7


Get out of the UN Day Rally

October 20, Tally


  Register Here for Conferences


Need a speaker for your group

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Media on Agenda 21


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All are welcome!!!!




Let your voice be heard



Liberty Watch


Natiolla Defense Authorization Act

Atty Krisanne Hall Explains


Legal Analysis of




     Listen to Kirk MacKenzie

The assualt on Rural America is spreading. Learn about what you can do to stop it.


Defense of Environment and Property Act,  Sponsors needed for

SB 2122  and HR 4304 call your Senators- support Rand Paul

and Representatives support Tom Rooney


Join Sheriff Mack's Constitutional Posse



Get model legislation to send to YOUR state legislators right now: see legislation

Did your State RNC pass the resolution against Agenda 21?

Who have you given the Resolution ot this week?


It you thought SOPA was bad, read about CISPA.


America's Missing History

Paul Harvey 47 years ago (1965)


David Barton,  Wall Builders,           5 Judicial Myths


Planned Parenthood was created by Margartet Sanger, "to kill off the black, inferior negros"  Margaret Sanger is Hillary Clintons role model. 


End Political Correctness

Obama Lies.  Why would any parent want a liar as a role model for theIr children? How do you respect a  President who lies?

The Communist Radical Ayers family put foreign student Obama through college.


Scroll down this Article for a  new slant on Obama's remarks to the Russian President.



Obama Lies

Obama said his administration will never allow lobbyists...He LIED.


Obama White Hous advisor quotes Karl Marx to justify class warfare.


Francis Fox Piven teachs students how to occupy foreclosed homes, default on student loans.  Read


Visit Obamaville


Review unconstitutional Laws and EO designed to steal your rights and liberty.         view


Candidate commercials are for content only and do not represent an endorsement.



Frantz Kebreau 


Stolen History


First Official Slave Owner


The truth about the Democratic Party History


Who is Uncle Tom?


History of racism?


Blacks in politics



Radical Islam in America


Brief history of Iran


Pam Geller


Act for America


The United West


Center for security policy


Radical Islamic biased texts in Schools, citizens for national security


Radical Islamic Charter Schools

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