Friday, January 11, 2013

Alarming report on the YCRC Meeting on Jan 10th 2013 from a member

Blind Copied YCRC members & former members,
Please feel free to share your comments after hitting "reply all".
Dear Chairman Fairman,
I know that you have a tough job and a divided committee makes it even worse. This email with observations and comments about last nights YCRC meeting may provide some insight as to some of the reasons that our Committee seems to be getting divided more deeply as each month passes. Hopefully you will receive this email as constructive, even though these observations may make you unhappy. However l have to be completely honest and tell you that l have lost confidence in your ability to objectively lead the YCRC. So many of my emails to you have been ignored and your actions have contradicted prior statements made by you, so l felt it was necessary to include Eric Herr (1st District RPV Chair) & Pat Mullins (RPV Chair) in this email. I hope you understand. l am not against you personally, but very disappointed in your actions/inactions and how these actions have influenced many good members to leave the YCRC since meetings have become somewhat unbearable.
You have wonderful energy & many great ideas. The funding to pay the rent/bills and keep the YCRC Headquarters open all year is a significant accomplishment..... but l feel compelled as a Republican to point out these issues so they are not repeated by you or your successor:
1. l felt sorry for you the 2nd time that the sound system didn't work, but the way you handled that made me think that you were accusing one of us of sabotaging the sound system
2. If you would have allowed me to find a suitable location (as l offered to do on Nov 27th), we would have been in the Kiln Creek Country Club, for no cost, in an climate controlled room, approx 1 mile from the Headquarters... Instead you put our members, many of which are elderly, disabled or have been sick recently in a very uncomfortable environment where the temperature was as cold as 40 degrees
3. You made comments about how the meeting would have been better/shorter etc if the Committee had not voted for the replacement agenda...How were these comments going to improve the meeting or benefit our mission last night?
4. You refused to accept motions
5. You reworded Mary Leedom's motion with a spin to make it unacceptable
6. You refused to recognized an amendment offered to Mary's motion several times
7. You & some of your helpers (especially Mary Clark) treated us with disrespect. Mary even called some of  us "a bunch of idiots". When this was pointed out to you, you took no action & Mary continued in her capacity helping you to maintain order, passing out ballots, etc
8. When someone you didn't like got up from their chair, or violated the fire code (in your opinion) you were all over them.... but when one of your supporters did the same thing, they did it w/ immunity
9. You closed a door to a room that 6 of us were in... to shut us off from the rest of the group
10. You told us to "sit down" like we were children
11. You told us that at least two proper motions were not permitted
12. You refused to ask the Parliamentarian a question or make a ruling on an important issue, in spite of me asking you to do so several times
13. You had some members outside with temperatures below 40 degrees the entire night. The building was simply not suitable for a meeting when the Committee has over 100 members. I believe the fire marshal would only allow 5-10 people in any room & each room was isolated from the others
14. Members left early due to the incredibly cold temperatures INSIDE the building ... and outside the building was MUCH WORSE
15. You told me there was a time limit on comments to get me to limit my comments & then turned the Chair over to Chad and proceeded to take much longer with many more comments than l made in a attempt to influence members to vote with you
16. You seemed to go out of your way over the last few months and at this meeting to try to keep good members from having their voting rights reinstated. I know these members are not "your people", but they are good REPUBLICANS.  One is a retired general from the US Air Force. One is a retired colonel that currently practices law. One is a farmer. One recently had open heart surgery, and opened his shirt last night to show me the massive scar on his chest as if he had to prove the legitimacy of his absences. One has not been able to walk for a long period due to serious leg issues
17. You have created your own unelected shadow executive committee and have ignored the elected executive committee, based on comments that l have heard from some of its members
18. I have never been to any public meeting in my life that members had to call "point of order" so many times to stop a chair from abusing her responsibilities and duties
There is NO WAY that "your office", the YCRC Headquarters, that wasn't authorized until midway through the meeting, was a suitable location and you must have known it .. why did you put us through this? Why have you pushed so many good Republicans away from the YCRC?
I wish you the best even though we disagree on many issues.
Greg Garrett, member at large of the YCRC
Eric & Pat,
l hope you can help us in Yorktown.
c/c Eric Herr, Pat Mullins
bcc Many members & former members of the YCRC
Greg Garrett
offices in Hpt Rds from Chesapeake to Williamsburg
Licensed in Virginia
cell # 757-879-1504

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