Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Next Organizational Meeting (Wed, Jan 16 @ 6:30pm) | Lecture (Wed, Jan 23rd)

Thanks to everyone who attended our last meeting. I felt the meeting got accomplished what it was intended to do…to discuss ideas. In addition, Eric was took minutes that I’m forwarding to you.


Our next “Brain Storming” session is Wed, Jan 16th @ 7pm @ the Hampton Library. Our previous discussions were about name changes, marketing, developing a tea party objective and demographics. I will bring a rough draft of our mission statement to the meeting. Terry has voiced concerns about voter fraud and Cary the Transportation Authority (i.e. HB 1405). I know Dave has voiced concern about Education also. All of these are issues that we may not share the level of enthusiasm in fighting against but we can support (both physically or mentally) each other in the fight. If you get the opportunity please review any Virginia bills at:


I’ve personally taken up the cause of opposing an Article V Constitutional Convention. I will provide an action plan with marketing and benchmarks to the next meeting and we can discuss the flaws and good aspects of it. I truly believe that our fight is currently at the foundation of our country…the U.S. Constitution.


I will work on scheduling an Educational session for Wed, Jan 23rd at Anna’s Pizza in Hampton. If anyone has any recommendations on speakers and topics, please feel free to let me know.




Thanks, Brian Evans, 369-7014

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  1. I would like to suggest we discuss gun rights. Its one of 2 biggest issues at the national level and its a discussion that the governor has initiated in Richmond. I'm new, but I would like to come.