Saturday, October 27, 2012

York County continues to monitor Hurricane Sandy; Vehicle parking permitted at Sports Complex


October 27, 2012
     York County Emergency Management continues to monitor weather conditions as Hurricane Sandy continues its track along the east coast.  Residents are urged to monitor local television and radio stations for updates about the storm's track and potential impact on the area. In addition, the County launched its Emergency Preparedness webpage, "Ready York" that contains a variety of emergency preparedness and storm-ready information. Please visit this page for storm updates –
     At this time no evacuations have been implemented for York County. However, residents who reside in low-lying areas, mobile homes, and areas prone to flooding are urged to have an evacuation plan in place in case conditions worsen and evacuation becomes necessary.  York County's Emergency Operations Center will be activated tomorrow initially with Sheriff's Office, Fire and Rescue and Emergency Management staffing and augmented by other agencies if and when necessary. The storm and the developing situation are being monitored around the clock. Other necessary actions related to evacuations and/or sheltering will be announced as needed.
     In anticipation of the approach of Hurricane Sandy, York County is opening the county's Sports Complex parking lots for the parking of any vehicles, RVs, trailers, boats, etc.
     Please note that parking in this lot is at the property owner's own risk. The county takes no responsibility for any vehicles left in these lots, and these lots will not be staffed or monitored.
     Long-term parking in all other county and school parking lots is prohibited as those areas may be used for emergency operations or sheltering needs.
     Residents should ensure outdoor furnishings, trash cans, and any loose items are properly secured in preparation for a long period of winds and rain that could exceed 36 hours. Review the contents of your emergency preparedness kit to ensure you have adequate supplies in the event you are without power, water or transportation for more than 72 hours.
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